Tuesday, 9 August 2011


2010 by Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu - Spanish

The director of Amores Perros, 21 Grams, Babel.. - his new film - oh Yes.. and who is acting - Javier Bardem - oh, cant wait , will watch it right away. I am sure, just like me, any movie lover would jump out for this movie. This movie proved beyond any doubt one thing - Javier Bardem is amongst the best 10/5/3 contemporary actors of the world. He is outrageously brilliant.

Uxbal is a father, living with his two kids. His wife, Marambra, is a depressed woman, still not knowing what she wants, lives seperately. Uxbal lives using the underbelly of Barcelona, placing himself in risk of being caught any time, working with illegal migrants, corrupt policeman and so on. He also has this ability to talk with the dead, earning some money sometimes. And he also finds out that, out of cancer, he only has a few more months left. He needs to find a way out to ensure his children will be taken care of after his death. 

Well, from that brief, especially the last sentence, it sounds similar to many movies, am sure, many would want to say repetitive. But dear friends, this is simply a brilliant movie and is quite different from all what we will expect. It does have its own problems, along with a bit too much of length, but all that is forgettable to enjoy this movie, which for me, is definitely an outstanding movie.

Here is a father, who only has problems around him, with his wife and kids, police, poor migrant people depending on him and to add to it, he is also asked to meet dead bodies, before the cremation, to see if the passing soul has some message for the dear ones. I mean, 99% of his time he is around a negative aura. Occassionally he gets some good time with his children. And when his own death is peeping at him, it turns out as a touching love story of a father, for his kids. He tries to see if at all his abnormal wife can be trusted and there is a scene when they all have dinner together, is one of the most touching and deeply joyous moment in this movie.

There were few things that actually takes some credit away from this movie, some of the sub plots, like that of the brother of Uxbal and the two homo sexual immigrants and all.

But still the script and the movie, I thought is brilliant. It gets a bit lagging towards the second half, is something that Mr. Inarritu would have wanted to avoid. A bit more pace would have helped him. However, this must be his most linear film to date. Except for the beginning shots, the movie follows a straight path. Still, how the three unconnected scenes, with which the movie begins, completes the whole movie towards the end is really brilliant. So was his portrayal of the shady regions of Barcelona, scenes which I thought were reminiscent of some scenes from the Tamil film Angaaditheru, in which he was ably assisted by his camera man. By the way, Cinematography of this movie is truly brilliant.

There might be people who might not agree with the whole movie, but nobody, yes nobody, will want to take away anything from Javier Bardem. What a different role as a man who is walking with trajedy always, living by any means to survive, but still being empathetic and helpful to the poor and unsupported, and loving his family like anything. And his has performed it like it is reality. I thought, this role could be a study material for acting students, for he acts not just through his expressions, but the whole body seems to convey facts about the character and the scenes. Even the air around him might be performing. This man can

I definitely want to watch this movie again. I am not a believer and dont like this 'talking with souls' kind of things, but still, this is quite touching though it is dark and sad to the hilt.

Biutiful is a wrong spelling by Uxbal, for beautiful, as he helps his child.