Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Nelly et Monsieur Arnaud

1995 by Claude Sautet

Nelly leaves with her husband who have decided not to work and is finding it difficult to pay off all their debts. She is introduced to Arnaud, an old business man who is very rich, by a friend, who offers her financial support. She rejects his offer at first, but then decides to leave his husband and moves out to a new studio apartment. She starts working for Arnaud, typing his book. Here she also meets another man, the editor who will publish Arnaud's book, with whom she could think about a serious relationship. Arnaud knows about this relationship and is quite jealous but he behaves in a way which is quite doubtful. Nelly decides against the editor and is more attracted to Arnaud. But then Arnaud's wife is back and they decide to go on a long trip.

A typical French realistic movie, where there is a normal life going on but with some turns here are there in the life of some characters. Knowing something about French way of life is a must to understand this movie. Knowledge of French would be even better. I was sure the subtitles werent really good. May  be is the reason why I wasnt able to laugh out on many dialogues of Arnaud, which are packed with cynicism of a typical rich French man. Movie progresses mostly through the scenes between Nelly and Arnaud and Aranaud's comments with an expression-less face, I thought, is a highlight of this movie. I wasnt sure if I felt pity for Nelly at the end. She left her husband, she decided against a man, ideal for her age, and finally the old man goes with his wife.

I chose this movie for Emmanuelle Beart and Claude Sautet. For Emmanuelle it looks a pretty ordinary role and for Claude Sautet this is not a great movie either.