Monday, 16 May 2011

Inside Job

2010 by Charles Ferguson

A documentary on the 2008 Recession.

It is heartening to see, very rarely though, these kind of attempts from America. I havent seen many documentaries. But this is definitely the most brilliant and shocking docu after Fahrenheit 9/11.

It brings out the deregulation in the Financial industry, brought out after lot of campaigning and lobbying, how that helped the top players in the industry, and how the industry was warned by a few, and how they kept on with their vested plans and when the recession finally did happen, how they further managed to earn huge bail outs from the Government, which simply increased the wallet size of the top executives. It also goes into how this industry has penetrated into the Academic tables and the State and inspite of all promises to make change, how some of the same players who could be called responsible, are still playing active roles in the industry.

Even if it is a documentary, it is told in way as to how a story unfolds and its really impressive and shocking. All credit to the director to make it this way. Brilliant. I would say, this movie is the best 'fast food' for any lay man - on financial affairs, like me - to understand recession.

At the same time, it is quite disappointing that it does not give us any hope at all. Those who  should have learnt some lessons, have ignored those lessons. The world and its system is tuned for the rich and it will continue so, come what may, recession or Tsunami's.

The narration by Matt Damon is excellent. It is gratifying that somebody from the higher end of life's spectrum agreed to do this. 

Engeyum Kaadhal

2011 by Prabhu Deva

Kamal, a young rich guy, is enjoying his holiday in Paris. He doesnt believe in love. Kayalvizhi is a young music student who lives in Paris with her father, who is a private detective. Kayal falls in love with Kamal in the very first sight itself. Movie is about these two, how they get into a serious relation ship.

A typical plot for an Indian romantic Comedy. However, it is the girl who is attracted to the boy and tries hard to get his attention and love. That is of course a change. It is spiced up with some songs, couple of fights and the hero's friend, who offers some laugh.

The plus points are

There are some nice songs, which are well shot. In fact, I thought, most of these songs are beautifully choreographed, the best I have seen in long time, may be. Special mention to the very first song in which Prabhu Deva him selves tries what he is best at and the Naangai (Valliye Chakkaravalliye) song which is choreographed on an interesting concept.

Through out the movie, there is always some light hearted fun, because of the plot itselves, and also because of hero's friend played nicely by Deva's brother Raj Sundaram.

Interestingly, it is one movie with good production values.

Disappointing factor was the movie lacks a real heart or any substance. It always looks like it is just on the border line. Not going deep into anything. But definitely, I dont think the created intended to.

And quite strange and funny enough - most people in Paris seems to speak English, which was quite stupid. Paris definitely is the most romantic city in the world, but English is a completely use less language in this lovely city. The script forgets this most of the time and use French at times. No consistency at all, anyways after all this is not a serious movie at all. But I thought, using French would have offered more comic sequences and may be would have made it a little more romantic too, as its the language of l'amour.

Any candid cameraman should be able to pick up beautiful shots of couples in Paris and that would have been more apt, but here its quite evident that the couples on screen are extras.

Anyways, this movie, I am not sure will do any good for Prabhu Deva's directorial curve. But he ensures that the choreography is excellent.

An ok watch, only if you want to enjoy those songs, or just want some silly fun.