Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Leap Year

2010 by Anand Tucker - English movie

I had to pick up a movie, which would finish in time for the kick off for the Champions league football matches.  All other movies I had, looked lengthier and hence had to pick this one, which looked like a typical Hollywood romantic comedy.

Anna flies to Ireland to propose to her friend on a  leap day. By Irish traditions the man should never reject this. Due to bad weather, she has to take a long ride from a coastal village in Ireland to Dublin and Declan, the owner of a small pub, agrees to take her. 

I will be lying, if I will say that this movie was not entertaining. It is typical of every other romantic comedies and we can easily see what happens next consistently. But but.. there is a very simple and interesting way of humour in the movie, which will keep us engaged. In fact, there are so many nice funny moments for 2/3rds of the movie, till it reaches those final moments when those typical realisation moments in r.comedies happen. In spite of some of those fun looking quite made up, I still could laugh. And the three couples kissing at the dinner table in a B&B, was definitely the best moment in this movie for me. That was really nice and lovely.

Amy Adams is full of charm and is the major plus in the movie. I am especially glad that she does not go like many other Hollywood actresses in the mid 30's, trying to bring down the body weight there by ending up looking quite defigured, with high cheek bones. She looks gorgeous I must say. Matthew Goodde as Declan also is charming.