Friday, 12 August 2011


2011 by Kris McManus - English movie from UK

Yet another case of a beautiful synopsis, but..

Four young guys take a motorbike ride to the country side and enjoy a night of camping. Then they come across an abandoned looking caravan and a prank by one of them puts them into real danger, a run for survival. 

There have been some movies like this before too and still I was misled by the synopsis. But to be frank it is not something to be like Ken Park. Once the group meets the country gang and the real thrill starts, the movie definitely is a thriller. But still it fails to really get us engaged. For me, I really did not understand the group who is against the bikers and especially their bare knuckle fight game, involving an injured nobody. The most interesting aspect of the movie definitely was about the real villain. That was quite interesting though.

But it is surely produced with a minimum possible budget. In that ways, it deserves some appreciation.

Just a watch. Nothing extra special, nothing extra bad too.