Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Quelque chose a te dire - Blame it on Mum

2009 by Cecile Telerman - French movie

Most of the time in our family movies, love and caring is omni present between everybody. There is always caring, smiles, laughters, concern and what not between every member in the family. Only very rarely have we picturised family lives in a different ways, close to reality.

The Celliers family is from the high class. A retired millionaire father, a house wife mother who have everything that money can buy, two daughters and a son who is running a sinking business. The elder daughter meets a police officer, who is just bohred with his married life. And a secret, which is unknown to the children unfolds. 

The secret in the family is nothing novel and is nicely brought out. But I could not help thinking about the movie Secrets & Lies. But otherways, this movie is very different. The relation ship between the parents, the 3 children and the wife and children of the son, all folds out in a very natural way, but all along presenting us a kind of uneasy feeling which is there between all the family members. Nobody there is happy for sure except for the pretentive mother, whose character is quite devlish.

The relationship between the Police officer and the daughter and also his wife is quite interesting, but the beginning of the relationship was a bit unnatural. The script concentrates on the view point of the man, but I couldnt help wonder about the feelings of his wife. What is her view on their bohring relation ship. I felt really sorry for this woman.

This is quite a dramatic movie. Nothing great, but there are brilliant moments through out which shows the competence of the script and director in bringing out exceptional moments and performances. Charlotte Rampoling as the rich housewife, steals the show anyways.