Monday, 26 September 2011

Doctor Love

2011 by Biju - Malayalam movie

Many North Indians mentioned to me that Kerala is really good because most women seem to be working. Well, they are only thinking about the women from the middle class. They ignore the fact that outside Kerala too, most women (from the poor who form the good majority of Indian population) work, but the menial kind of jobs, the ones the educated middle class would never do. So the fact that poor women across India, work in fields, forests, homes and sometimes even as manual scavengers is conveniently ignored by the affluent classes. So these people always consider Kerala women to be very lucky. In the north, inspite of getting good education, most women ends up in their slave job as a house wife or as trophy wives or what not. In Kerala they see so many working women, white collar jobs, and feel Keralan women are very lucky group of women who can be modern. I think, elsewhere women end up as slaves at home inspite of their education. But in Kerala, women end up as slaves, inspite of being educated and well employed.  Films influence our life and society in a big way. The same is true in Kerala too. And the way Malayalam films treat women is really pathetic. And many Malayaalee male's perspective of a female is cultured by the way the female is portrayed in our films.

A writer of third rate romantic novels tries to help out people in search of love answers. He ends up doing a canteen job in a college, helping many Romeos seek their Juliette, and himself get entangled in some situations. 

There is nothing new in this plot as it has been told many times in many different movies. And keeping in tact, our way of looking at campus girls, this movie too has painted our girls in a very poor way. Almost all cliches which has been practiced in our movies to describe or tame any kind of women, including the immortal male slap on the female cheek, is all here too. It is all done with the help of some humour that even the women laughing out loud in the theatres do not seem to care. The problem is that many young males watching these movies will turn into typical Malayaalee machos, just like the previous generations did, with some weird and wrong idea about love and women.

The movie is presented in a way that it never gets terribly bohring, but it is still a terrible watch.

I feel sorry, for our women who has to laugh out with their husbands, for these actresses who has to play in such movies and also for the Malayaalee males who will continue having this horrible wrong idea about women and also about love.