Thursday, 5 January 2012


2011 by Gavin O'  Connor - English movie from Hollywood

It will be difficult to say, how many movies have there been about fighters or fighting. There have been so many and the recent one, Fighter, was quite a different movie. My favourite of course is Raging bull, which is of course, more than just a fight movie.

The difference made by Warrior to this whole list of fight movies is a simple one, but quite a compelling one to enhance the plot, to give it a different diamension. The main fighters, who come face to face at the finals, are two brothers, part of a broken family. Both brothers were once trained by their father, an ex boxer, who is now hired by one of the brothers.  And both the brothers have their own reasons to win this fight.

The family side, I must admit, adds a very different effect to this fighters movie. The father and two brothers are all terrible with each other and the reasons for this are only subtly told, without any flashbacks, which is good though. However, it looks like the director still gave all his attention and priorities in getting the fighting scenes brilliant, rather than the family plot. Even if the family side do evoke some emotion towards the end, it is quite obvious that director intended this movie as a fight movie, with a difference (of brothers involved).

The fight scenes are brilliant. I liked how one brother, the Physics teacher, always win using the same techniques. With other fighters there is no such distinguishable styles, I am afraid. However, overall the fight scenes are brilliant and makes this movie a good watch. The movie is not devoid of routine Hollywood cliches and other facts though.

Nick Nolte, as the father, steals the whole show with his absolutely brilliant performance. He managed this, with much less screen space than the two brothers is really excellent.