Friday, 5 August 2011

Deliver Us from Evil

2006 by Amy J Berg - Documentary in English

Mostly people look at film makers as heroes. In fact it is the documentary film makers and thousands of social workers who should be called the real life heroes. I am finding it quite perplexing that these minority never get their real due from the normal public. How many ordinary people get to see the great documentaries which speak shocking truths. It is a real pity. Here is yet another documentary with an in your face honesty that I can only salute the brilliance and boldness of its crew.

This docu is about a priest, Oliver O 'Grady who sexually abused, molested or raped so many number of children while in America, between the 70's and 90's. He was Irish, and after serving a 7 year term in jail, he was deported to his home land where he still works with the church. Still amongst children.

What a work this is. The church authorities knew that O'Grady had a problem, but instead of acting upon him, they just transferred him to a different Parish, where he could continue with his activities. And finally when he was really reported and send to jail, after serving his term, he was deported to Ireland where he continues to be a priest. He continues to work with church and most people with whom he works now, may it be the church or even the fellow followers of Christianity, are completely unaware of his past and problems. He still works constantly with children. What the hell is wrong with the church.

The most stunning aspect of this docu is that, O'Grady himselves appears before the camera and clearly agrees he does have a problem with children, which he recognises but is unable to control, given an opportunity. And this he says, after his jail term.

There are some interviews with some of those children, grown ups now, and their parents and that is really touching. Most of those parents had completely trusted this man and let him be free with their children, girl or boy. And almost in all cases, the children were afraid to report it to their parents.

Some of the striking facts given by this docu is simply shocking. Just a few which I can recollect are here:

* There were more than 100000 victims of sexual abuse (Church's clergy involved) from the USA alone and a good percent of the cases are never reported.
* 10% of graduates from the biggest seminary in US West coast are Pedophiles !!!
* And even the present Pope was involved in the cover up of these abuses in US. He even got Mr. Obama to rule against the prosecution of his office!!!!

Simply BOLD and Brilliant. That is all what I can say. It is also nice to know that the makers of this movie are still alive (considering the infamous acts of the Church in the past centuries)

I wonder how this movie was accepted by the general followers of Christianity in the West. I am curious how the ordinary Christians in India will react. Fortunately for the church, docu's are not watched by a big majority.