Thursday, 10 November 2011

35 Rhums - 35 shots of Rum

2008 by Claire Denis - French movie

Some movies are quite slow. The most difficult part in such movies are to get through the first 15 or 20 minutes. Then, you know whether this is a No No movie for you or a good one. Of late, I have come across few such movies, which took its time to make an appeal. But then they look really lovely.

A father and daughter are living in a suburban apartment in Paris. The daughter, a University student though, is still very close and tied to her father, who haven't gone for any other woman after his wife's death. 

How can a movie be so simple? Of course, it was looking like an empty show for the first few minutes. But then slowly we get into the life of this father and daughter. A young man living in the same flat building is attracted to the girl and another single woman in the same building is attracted to the father too. But both keep a distance from every thing else and finds happiness between them. Slowly the movie does give a message that it is important to have some sorts of engagements or commitments for anybody walking towards their old age.

And everything is so simple, natural and very subtle. Just that towards the final moments it was slightly rushed though.

It is mind boggling that such a simple movie with very few actors and words can keep us engaged for so long, without absolutely nothing serious happening for most of the time. The power of cinema is quite unique.

A different cinematic experience, for sure.