Thursday, 28 July 2011


2009 by Mira Nair - English

A director who gave two brilliant movies, Salaam Bombay and Monsoon Wedding, joining Hilary Swank was enough to convince me for this movie. But, I am afraid, it does not look at all like a Mira Nair movie. It is more an average Hollywood effort on a biopic.

Amelia Earhart, first took to aviation at the age of 23 and then soon became the first woman to do a solo flight across the Atlantic. She then sets forth to fly around the world. 

The plot has everything to make it a really excellent biopic. But there is something seriously wrong with this movie, it ends up more like a pretty average attempt on a great subject. As we watch the movie there are many moments when we wonder if the script and director is serious at all about this project. The only plus could be the performance of Hilary Swank as Amelia Earhart, the first woman to fly solo and was a major influence in American aviation history, who also inspired the rest of the world. But even with Hilary, there are moments when we wonder if all these people are serious at all. Still, I must say, she has put in a good effort, especially in perfecting the body language of Amelia, who represented a typical girl in the 30's.

I would say Mira Nair got a golden opportunity and she didn't take it seriously enough and just disappointed. We feel nil emotion all throughout the movie, passing through the most important moments of the world's first (brave) women pilot.