Friday, 28 January 2011

Andrey Rublyov

Russian 1966 by Andrey Tarkovskiy - A Master piece from the master craftsman.

Probably has the best cinematography in Black and white classics. There are so many brilliantly done moments in this movie. It starts very slowly though, but the second part is simply brilliant. Many scenes can embarass the best technicians of modern days.

Andrei Rublev is set against the background of 15th Century Russia. Although the film is only loosely based on the life of Andrei Rublev, its depiction of medieval Russia is realistic. Tarkovsky created a film that shows the artist as "a world-historic figure" and "Christianity as an axiom of Russia’s historical identity" during a turbulent period of Russian History, that ultimately resulted in the Tsardom of Russia. The film is about the essence of art and the importance of faith and shows an artist who tries to find the appropriate response to the tragedies of his time. The film is also about artistic freedom and the possibility and necessity of making art for, and in the face of, a repressive authority and its hypocrisy, technology and empiricism, by which knowledge is acquired on one's own without reliance on authority, and the role of the individual, community, and government in the making of both spiritual and epic art.

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