Tuesday, 31 May 2011

El Hijo de la Novia - Son of the Bride

2001 by Juan Jose Campanella

I have been searching for this movie for long time, ever since I read Luca's book on Messi, in which it mentions this was the favourite movie of Leo. And just like the cherry on top of ice cream, after the Champion league victory, a friend send me the links.  I thought it would be a simple comedy, but it ended up as a beautiful movie, of a family.

Rafael is a busy restaurateur who forgot about life. As a result, he has earned a divorce with rights to have his girl child, once in a week. His mother, Norma, is suffering from Alzheimers and under pressure from his father Nino, he meets her after a long time. Nino and Norma had a legal marriage, against the wishes of Norma, as Nino was against religion. At this old age, Nino wants to give a present to Norma, by getting married in a church as per her wish. A religious marriage after 44 years. 

We assume Rafael and his mid life struggles are definitely going to be the centre point of the movie as it starts. Slowly he has a change of mind, after a heart stroke, towards his priorities, and wants to help his father with the marriage in the church. I was more than moved by the 44 year old love for a man to a woman. And this love is been told in the most beautiful and touching way. Believe me, there are so many moments in the script, which could have been made too much emotional and melo dramatic. But Campanella has told all those moments in a very subtle way and makes it very simple and non dramatic. But still it will reach the deep corners of our heart. I had tears at least twice during the scenes towards the end.

Yes, this is a touching love story of an old man. It is also a wonderful movie about a family. And even if not intended, it also is a movie about how to love anybody suffering from Alzheimers.

I wish Blessy had seen this movie before making his Thanmatra, which was over melo dramatic.

This is a perfect feel good film with family values and love taking centre stage. I can see why Leo Messi, a family boy, adores this movie.

This is going to be in my must watch list, if anybody asks me.

There is a scene when Rafael's girl friend accuses him that he is no Einstein, Bill Gates or Dick Watson and just like Rafael, we too are puzzled by this Mr. Watson, who the hell is he? during the end credits, a small scene shows us that Dick Watson is a porn star. That was really excellent.