Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Shi - Poetry

2010 by Lee Chang Dong - Korean movie

Many movies come with the typical tag of being Fresh, but very few are fresh. Here is a movie which is fresh in all its aspects.

A 66 year old grandmother, Mija, who is living on Government pension and a small maid job, enrolls for a poetry lesson. 

That single line of plot alone is quite unique for movie world. But what makes this movie even more fresh is that Mija lives with her grandson, in a tiny apartment. Her divorced daughter is working and living in some distant town. Mija soon discovers that her grandson and 5 other school boys are behind the suicide of a school girl.

This movie is about a lot of things. About ageing, about loneliness, about nature and poetry, about parental love and protection and also about how a single elderly woman manages a grue some situation of a family crime, all alone. But all these is carefully and tactfully woven into a wonderful script.

Of course the movie is slow paced, but it has a big heart. Mija would make us curious, happy and sad for her.  She will even inspire us with her way of living and approach. The way she treats her grandson, after knowing about his crime, is brilliant. A really brilliant character, very fresh of course.

The performance by Jeong-hie Yun, as Mija, is simply brilliant. It was one of the simple scenes which really made me admire her acting, actually, above all. There are a few scenes of Mija walking on the streets, talking to her daughter. It looks bloody natural. Brilliant performance all through out by this veteran actor.

Mija is one of the most powerful and strongest characters in cinema, for me. Her image is still in front of my eyes.

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