Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Four Lions

2010 by Christopher Morris - British movie

How best to make a comedy movie using terrorism as a plot. I would say, most people would not even want to attempt something like that. Which is quite clear by the sheer absence of comedies based on terror. Well, not all movie makers are the same. Chris Morris is for sure a brave man to conceptualise and execute this plot.

A few muslims in UK, wants to be jihadists and do something for their religion. Except one, Omar, all the rest are absolute idiots, typical of the characters we come across many classic British comedies. Omar and a friend even enrolls for a training in Pakistan, before they can come back to Britain and bomb some UK targets.

First of all, I cant basically agree with the politics in this plot, which is typical of the western idea of Muslims. Anyways, lets just forget about that, just look at this as a movie, hoping this movie is not watched by any ordinary muslim who might feel sorry or insulted or what not. Anyways....

A real dark comedy. Classic British one too with its absolutely idiotic characters who make bloody hilarious comments. The 4 characters are synonyms of idiots, except for Omar who looks slightly better. But the best scene, the most hilarious one too, in this movie involves Omar, wherein Omar and his friend undergoing training in the Swat valley in Pakistan, decides to shoot down an American drown flight with a huge gun(a mini rocket launcher or something like that, I dont know). What a bloody funny scene it was. Couple of years back, when Maradona was coaching Argentina, during a World cup qualification match, after watching Messi make a marvellous run through the opposition defence he commented - if that ball had gone in, the whole stadium should have gone out and bought a new ticket for the rest of the match. Likewise this scene was so funny and brilliant, that it would have been ok for me to pay once again for the ticket(if I was watching it in a moviehouse).

And the movie has many similar hilarious scenes. And one such bloody brilliant scene, is shown during the end credits. I guess, the director might have edited out many such scenes, but wanted to include this one some how.

If we are ready to ignore all those untold background politics or stereotyping, this is a bloody brilliant comedy. Brave one too.

I just wonder what a normal Muslim would feel, watching this though.

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