Monday, 7 November 2011


2008 by Matteo Garrone - Italian movie

A modern day masterpiece from Italy. A brilliant take on the Camorras, a mafia organisation running its business around Naples.

I am afraid, there isnt any particular story with any typical beginning or end, in this script which is based on a book. It is more like looking at what is happening with 5 different characters who are all some how related to the Camorras. These characters are so different from a textile designer to an industrial garbage dumper. And sure there are the typical characters like spoilt boys who reach the world of drugs and guns in between.

But the way the movie is told, showing how all these people are influenced and affected by this huge mafia, whose webs are so long and powerful, is brilliant.

The movie is very typically European, with shades of Latin American style, dealing with dark matters though. It is not any action packed Hollywood style. But there is action on the back ground. It has to be seen to believe it. A real different way to shoot mafia, I would say. Most entertainment movie makers from the popular movie industries around the world could be embarassed by the stark reality that is presented.

I would say it is difficult to explain, how I felt about the thrills and chills of action, tension and murders, all without really much action actually. There is a scene in which few adolescent boys are asked to drive down huge trucks to a dumping quarry. This scene is kind of spine chilling even if it is told very quietly and is kind of pointer to how the movie treats its plot. Absolutely brilliant. And an amazingly brilliant cinematographer too.

The movie is not fast paced, it has a kind of slow pace, but it is still very gripping, once we get into the thick of the happenings.  In fact, that might be the only negative, if at all that can be called a negative. It might take some time for us to really understand what exactly is happening on screen. Till then, I was wondering may be this is too intelligent stuff for me. But once it came through, it was superb. The real Italian mafia, without the glamour and gloss that normally covers up such movies from every where else. It will not be a mistake if anyone wants to call it a documentary of Naples mafia.

Real brilliant movie. 

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