Monday, 12 December 2011

The Ides of March

2011 by George Clooney - English movie from Hollywood

I like George Clooney a lot, even if he always looks like George Clooney on screen, irrespective of his character. He is a brilliant actor, but his macho charm is too much that I always tend to see him on the screen rather than the character. And when he is seriously involved in a Hollywood movie, it is a near guarantee that the movie is going to be different and above average. I have so many examples for this like Oh Brother where art thou, Welcome to Collingwood, Good night and Good Luck, Syriana and few more. He likes to be part of off beat Hollywood movies and he is one of the very few bold movie makers who do not mind taking a poke at America's foreign policies.

In Ides of March, George Clooney is looking at the Presidential campaign of US, following a major staffer of his campaign. And he establishes how politics is dirty and it will even make a principled human being to play dirty.

The message Mr. Clooney wanted to convey, is so nicely conveyed, without ever using cinematic cliched exaggerations, is the high point of this movie. There is a kind of subtle way of handling this high pressure moments. And like he wish to, George Clooney has created a chance to really comment on some of the foreign and internal policy blunders of his Government and he boldy does that. Kudos to Mr. Clooney as the part writer and director. I am almost assured Mr. Clooney will be labelled a leftist or Communist or extremist for some of his comments in this movie.

Ryan Gosling, I think, is going to be next George Clooney of Hollywood. He have had two movies, Drive and this one (I dont know which one came out first) and he has really excelled in both. It is interesting how both the characters had a kind of calm, which is exemplified by the persona of Ryan Gosling. Just that, like Clooney, I could still see Ryan Gosling on screen. I eagerly wait for his future characters to know will he exactly turn out in the Clooney way or make out his own path to being a legendary actor.

Overall a bold film from Clooney and co. I doubt if an ordinary American would accept it though.

For me, I would have enjoyed it much more, have I had more knowledge about the American Presidential election procedures. 

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