Monday, 12 December 2011


2006 by Alejandro Monteverde - English movie

After watching certain movies, inspite of all its brilliance, beauty and warmth, one can remain a bit confused or dis connected. Bella did that for me.

A football player turned chef, tries to convince a girl against abortion.

There is a real good message in this movie. The man has a loving family behind him because of which he is very sensitive to family, children and all. The woman had a terrible family life and especially since she is not settled yet and have to find a good job, she doesnt have any option but to abort.

The background of how a millionaire football player had to become a chef is nice and touching. So are most of the scenes in this movie, which has a genuine feeling about it and is really warm. But honestly, it disappointed towards the end. May be because it was edited out, there is a blunt cut to the final scene. And we are left to believe that the lady finally did not abort, but the man simply adopted the child. Ah, this man is just a friend and he is not the person responsible for the lady's pregnancy. Owing to his family back ground and because of what happened to him in the past, he tries his best against abortion and might have decided to adopt.

All it was fine. Just that, that very sharp cut was too blunt. I am sure many people might have been confused about it. And to believe that inspite of all what happened, the lady left her baby  (only to come back, but after the infancy period) with an adopted father was not nice for a female character. That was too harsh.

Brilliant performances. Most of the actors in this movie seems to be from Mexico and there is lot of Spanish too in it. A good film, still.

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