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2011 by Joshi - Malayalam movie

There was a very successful Tamil movie, Vennizha Kabadi Kuzhu, couple of years back. It took the sport Kabadi and made a differently good movie around it. Some time after its success, there was a comment by Mammootty, the Malayalam movie legend, that it was sad nobody wanted similar movies in Malayalam. Considering, Mammootty's realtionship with Joshy, the veteran super director, I really thought this movie is a result of that comment. For all the publicity and even the title suggests a movie around Football. Like there is Five a match in Europe, in Kerala Seven a side Football is very popular, especially in villages. And Football looked like the main reason, at least for the first 15 minutes.

A group of 7 friends, who plays football, ends up seriously injuring an opposition player due to some mis information. Since the injured player is from a poor family, just like all of them, they decide to help his family to meet the hospital bills. They do not have any other options than to enter the 'quotation' job (the new millennium term in Kerala for running petty mafia gangs).

As I mentioned, I thought this was going to be a movie inspired by the above mentioned Tamil movie and for the first 15 minutes or so, it did look so. Just that, hardly any of the 7 players had anything close to a physique similar to a football player. When somebody is really into football, it is impossible for that person to have fat around the abdomen area. Well, here all of them looked like as if they are one to three months pregnant. Even the two tall guys, who looked like having some good upper torso had lots of fat around their abdomen. Anyways, this is Malayalam movie and we really dont care for casting. And the way the football scenes are shot are amateurish and even hilarious at times.

But only then are we told that the movie is not about Football, it is actually about a social issue which is actually getting very serious in Kerala, these days. Young men taking up petty mafia jobs, just to make some easy money. It is definitely a serious topic, but the intentions of the producers definitely were not to go after this issue seriously. They just wanted only an entertainer to be built around this, even if some comments based on the issue are thrown around here and there. And it ends up only as a pretty ordinary entertainer, where everybody knows what is going to happen and how it is going to happen. It is disappointing this movie was shot by Joshi. Well, he has not given a good one for long time, so...

So there is still some romance, lots of fights, murder, misunderstandings, mobile camera evidences, and of course songs. Ah, yes the presence of Police too. Nadia Moidu plays the city police commissioner and I sincerely felt, only Urvashi could have done a better over play of this role. Watching her perform, it was difficult for me to believe this movie was directed by Joshi.

In between, the role played by Raju, as a broker who sets up quotation jobs was the only silver lining of this movie. The character itself, the way he is shot always and the way the actor conducted himself, all was excellent.

Watch this movie, if you have lots of time free and if you dont mind watching just another typical ordinary movie.

The movie is titled as Sevenes, instead of Sevens. Either due to the advice of some stupid astrologer or numerologist, or they wanted to make the tile to have 7 letters, just like the team. 

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