Saturday, 10 September 2011

Red Hill

2010 by Patrick Hughes - English movie from Australia

Australia is one country where America is  considered an ideal big brother. From the government to the media, they follow and imitate everything American. Red Hill can be easily mistaken as a Hollywood movie, from the wild wild west genre.

Shane Cooper, a young police constable, arrives into Red Hill with his pregnant wife, after a requested transfer. He walks in for his first day at the new office and the news broke that there has been a jail break and Jimmy Conway, an aboriginal man who was convicted for killing a Red Hill police officer some years back has escaped. 

The movie has a feeling of the old Clint Eastwood films, in some ways. At least for the first few minutes it looks like it will be a good thriller but soon, we know that this is going to be a revenge movie. And it is one. The same old revenge story, but I must admit that it does not look like a poor one at that. It is just okay.

Things are predictable easily and all looks going in a set path, but still the movie is an ok entertainer with some good thrills. There is no dialogue at all, coming out of the most important character ie Conway, except for the final moment. And when it comes out, I thought that was excellent in many ways. The only dialogue coming out of this guy, definitely links up two men, two good men finally, through pregnancy. I really liked this part.

A good one time watch. 

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