Thursday, 29 December 2011

Moskva Slezam ne verit - Moscow does not believe in tears

1980 by Vladimir Menshov - Russian movie from erstwhile Soviet Union

From all what I have seen, I am very impressed by Russian movies. But it is really impossible to find good copies, especially with good subtitles. I had waited long to find a copy of this movie with good English subtitles, but the wait was worth it.

Three young women in Moscow in the 50's. Their dreams and aspirations on love and life and how it really works in their life as reach their middle ages in the 70's.

In no ways can I compare this movie to Le Meglio Gioventu. But in some ways this movie did give some feelings that I get when I watch Le Meglio Gioventu. That feeling of watching some characters, whom we like, growing up in life and how their life changes with years, is really special. As young people, there are different aspirations and dreams for everybody, but it does not work exactly the same way to all. To some it works, to some it is completely different.

Well, this is a beautiful movie of what life did for some friends. Their youthful dreams is quite detailed and it is really nice to look at them wondering and planning for their future. Once they are older, the script is more focussed on one of them, but still gives us enough idea about the others. And it is simply wonderful to look at their life at a later stage.

A brilliant movie in any case. Have a lot of charming moments, both in the first and last half, and offers a lot of  simple humour too. I really felt like watching a French movie, in fact. Just that, I do not understand any Russian culture, which would have helped me enjoy it even better. Having said that, I am sure I will watch this movie many more times. A real master piece on love and life.

If one loves life, one should watch this movie. A Classic on love and life. 

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