Wednesday, 7 December 2011


1991 by Gabriele Salvatores - Italian movie

There has been so many movies on World war. But this one is quite different from all in that, it does not show any war, any blood bath or any seviour suffering or torturing or anything like that.

An Italian ship leaves some soldiers in a remote Greek island. Soon they lose their radio and even if only a few miles away from Italy, they are like hundreds of years away from any mainland life.

This is may be the most feel good movie on World War, I have ever seen. In fact, I cant remember seeing any other feel good movie on war yet. There might be, but I haven't seen any.

There are so many funny moments in this movie, especially in the first half, which are very lovely. All the soldiers are quite different and the way they try to manage their life in this war less island, is excellent. The subtle treatment given even to some hilarious situations is really brilliant. And all the more there is a clear anti war message of friendship which is easily getting through.

The best feel good movie on War. That's it. And what a simple movie it is.

And in many ways it is nice that this movie was conceived and made in Europe. Had this been a Hollywood movie, this would have been definitely quite different. 

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