Thursday, 1 December 2011

El Secreto de sus Ojos - The secret in their eyes

2009 by Juan Jose Campanella - Spanish movie from Argentina

I am not sure is it just about Argentine movies or about Mr. Campanella or about Ricardo Darin. I have only seen few Argentine movies and both these were behind most of them. So may be I am just seeing the best of Argentina, which is played out of the country or what not, I am so bloody impressed by Argentine movies. May be the Italian connection has something do with why they are excellent in movie making. I say this with full respects to the native Argentinian people. Whatever, cinema from Argentina, just like their football, is special, to my knowledge.

Basically this is a revenge story. A husband who takes revenge on the man who raped and killed his beautiful wife. 

However, it is presented in a very different way. Esposito, a retired officer wants to write a novel and picks the case of Liliana Colato. This takes him back to his young days, when he was also in a kind of blind love with his superior. He goes back to his office, meets her superior who is now happily married and takes her help in completing his novel.

I thought the movie had two stories, one about the love of a man, Morales, who want to revenge the murder of his wife, who is assisted by the legal officer Esposito. The second is about Esposito himself who is amazed by the love of Morales and is agonisingly attracted towards his boss, the beautiful Irene. The way all this is told is incredibly brilliant. The script has a brilliant structure going forth and back between the past and present, but not in a conventional way, but in a unique way which keeps us engaged, believing and still guessing. Such a master work on a cinematic script, I would say.

There is so much in this movie, which could make it feel like a thriller. But actually it is Romance that holds the whole movie behind the guise of investigation and revenge. I loved it. And my hearty salute to Campanella. What a director. The same to Ricardo Darin too, who played Esposito brilliantly. I have only seen 5 or 6 movies with him. I would say he deserves a place among the world's best. Soledad Villamil, who played Irene, is so charming. Her charm is something that can be compared to Catherine zeta jones.

A Brilliant cinema, an absolute stunner, from Argentina. It is not often we get a crime based movie in which love plays such a prominent and classy role. A real classic and must watch. 

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