Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Belle Epoque

1992 by Fernando Trueba - Spanish movie

Belle Epoque actually refers to an era in French history. This era coincides with the pre Franco era in Spain as well. Still I am not really convinced about the title for this, simple but beautiful comedy on love.

Fernando runs out of his civil war duties and meets Manolo. He then really sets out on an exploration tour of the 4 beautiful daughters of Manolo.

I am not sure if the world exploration is right or insulting. But that is exactly what happens, nearly. Manolo has a tryst with each and every daughter of Manolo and finally marries one. Simply put, this is a really wonderful comedy on sex and love. At the same time, the background is full of Spanish civil war.

It is quite an easy watch of a young man being seduced by four beautiful ladies, all sisters. May I say that it is actually a classic. I enjoyed it immensely that I would not mind watching it once again right away. There are funny moments, but there are also many moments which any man will easily identify with. I bet any man would have fantasised at least one scene in this movie, sometime in his life.

The young man and all the four daughters were incredibly charming too. The youngest of the daughters is one Penelope Cruz, who really looked very very young.

A very charming and lovable movie indeed. 

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