Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Balada Triste de Trompeta - Sad Trumpet Ballad

2010 by Alex de la Iglesia - Spanish movie

This movie is more famous as the Last Circus. But it is one of those movie, after which one feels confused as to say if it was terrible, allright or excellent.

During Spanish civil war in 1937, a circus clown is forced into the war. Javier the son of the clown would like to be a clown, a sad clown as he never saw happiness in life. In 1973, towards the end of Franco's regime, he starts working with a circus company and falls in love with Natalia, who is brutally controlled by her husband, a happy clown, Sergio. Soon it turns out into a fight for Natalia, between the two clowns and Javier turns out brutal, just like Sergio.

This is quite a fantasical and wild movie. There are moments when it feels like a Fellini classic and moments when it is looking very amateurish. But we can bear all that and just wait for the story to unfold. But it is the final which was the worst let down for me. That final scenes can only be matched by the most stupid Holly/Bollywood action movies and is a terrible disappointment. I still dont have any clue, why the three had to run up towards the cross.

I also was quite disappointed by the performances, especially of the actress who played Natalia. I am not sure if her dramatic overplay was intentional by the director, just to accentuate the fantasical wild nature of the movie. Whatever..

There are certain aspects which was good about this movie, but mostly I was not happy. 

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