Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Partir - Leaving

2009 by Catherine Corsini - French movie

There has been umpteen number of movies on infidelity, especially in French. But for many reasons, Partir is not just ordinary.

A mother of two adolescents is attracted to a man who came to work at her home and gets too passionate about their relationship that she is ready to leave everything for him. 

From that plot line, it does not look anything special, for sure. But this movie is made different by a few factors.

- The performance of Kristin Scott Thomas, which is simply brilliant. In many moments, especially when she seems to be awaiting her lover, the passionate expectations, she is incredible.

- The way the female character proceeds, forgetting everything and ready to do anything for the passion. The script does not try to reason with her much, but her passions leads. I found it very interesting

The movie, for sure, is cliche ridden in the beginning. But then, it gets different with the blunt ways of its heroine, who would not mind doing anything, even stealing, for her love life.

But still, I would find it difficult to concur with her deeds, especially because of her climax act, on the effects it will have on her children. But looking at it just as a movie, it is quite a different one.  

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