Friday, 25 November 2011

En la cama - In Bed

2005 by Matias Bize - Spanish movie from Chile

The very first sound of this movie, even before any clear frame, is that of a woman who is approaching orgasm. So, unless you know what the movie is about, one could wonder if its a porn movie. But after the sex, the two persons start talking, they are asking the names of each other, that moment I realised I am going to witness a very different movie. And it was. What an unique and brilliant movie.

Two strangers meet for just sex in a motel room. After their sex they start talking casually and in between they make love.

This movie is completely shot inside a motel room. The camera does not have to go outside the walls of this room, I mean there is  not a single frame which has sun light actually. And there are only these two characters, the man and the woman who met for casual sex and get to know each other only after the sex. When I say this was simply brilliant, I am sure most people would doubt it. But, this is a classic example of exploring a unique theme and making a different movie.

After sex, the man and woman start talking about everything under sun, from war to movies to orgasm and what not and slowly they realise there is something between them, though it is too late. But their relationship is portrayed so brilliantly. Some of those moments, especially when each does not dare to look straight into the eyes of the other, but feels something, is so captivating.

Wonderful performances by both actors. And more than anything this is a directors movie, with excellent support by the cinematographer. As mentioned above, there is not a single frame with sunlight. There is not more than 2 faces, but still the camera work is one of the best features of this movie.

I would say this is a must watch for anybody who is seriously interested in cinema. For any student of cinema, may it be an aspiring script writer or director or cinematographer this movie is an inevitable lesson.

For clear reasons, this movie might not be shown even in any film festivals in India. What a pity.

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