Monday, 31 October 2011


2011 by Jayam Raja - Tamil movie

Rajnikanth, I believe, is the ultimate mass hero from India. Which other contemporary Indian hero can ensure full  houses in cinemas as far as Japan and Russia. Within India itself, I havent seen any kind of mass hysteria related to one single super star, that can surpass Rajni's. Though his recent movies tries in someways to be different from the previous release, in the 80's and 90's all Rajni movie had a typical format. All over India, many other actors seems to have tried to replicate it, but I dont think anybody was as consistent as Rajni. Vijay, I believe, would be the Rajni of the future. It is told that many new-wave Tamil directors have approached Vijay with their different scripts, but Vijay was not interested. He always want to stick to his entertainment formula of comedy+love+family sentiments+songs+action, based on no brainer scripts. He still gave some of the best entertainers (Thullaatha Manavum Thullum, Kushi, Gilli, Pokkiri) in the last decade, which were not run of the mill no brainer stuff. For a couple of years, Vijay did not manage any big hits and there were news that he will now try to do different kind of movies. Velayudham is the first movie since, but it is an absolute no brainer actually.

Here again, the movie has a made up role fit to produce a super hero on a no questions asked story. Love, family, comedy and action all can fit in. Considering the fate of his past movies, Villu and Kuruvi, Vijay is brave to come back with yet another one. But there is some difference here between those stupid movies.In spite of all the pot holes and disadvantages, Velayudham is a good entertainer, if one is not bothered about other things.

Velayudham, if we keep our brains outside, is sheer entertainment and the credit should go to the director for sure. In fact, many comedy scenes are not anywhere close to the typical hilarious scenes of Vijay hits. Nor are the songs or dance sequences. But the movie still manages to keep an interest and entertains. Sure, this movie is not for the educated and thinking Indians. It is definitely aimed for those majority poor who wants some fun at the end of a hard day and sure they are entertained.

And Vijay is simply nice. This is definitely not his best entertainer. But his charm is too good to be ignored and  together with an understanding director, he pulls off a successful entertainer in Velayudham.

An out and out Vijay movie for the mass. I am happy Velayudham seems to be the biggest hit in South India, among the Dipawali releases. But how I wish Vijay will do at least one different movie in a year. Here is a man with talent, who chose not to use it for the sake of the ordinary people. 

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