Monday, 5 September 2011

Theja Bhai and Family

2011 by Deepu Karunakaran - Malayalam movie

80's were the golden era for Malayalam movies. May it be art house, or parallel or entertainers, we got the best during that period. There were some incredible comedies too, which watching now, look like brilliant classics. I wonder, how this particular movie would have been, if it was conceived and shot in the 80's.

An underworld king falls in love with a girl, but her father will only get her married to a man from a big family. The guy has to create a family for him, to impress his would be father in law. 

Of course, if this movie was shot in 80's I am very sure it would have been an excellent entertainer. But but..

It turns out to be a horrible entertainer that it was quite difficult to bear it for two hours and half.

There were two silver lines though. The cinematography, I found quite good, I mean the lighting had a soft touch. May be they spend good money on the DI. Anyways the frames looked quite nice.

A particular scene in which Salim Kumar narrates a story, adapting the epic, Mahabharata, into a real life family story - that was the real hilarious moment of this movie. Brilliant.

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