Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Potiche - Trophy Wife

2010 by Francoise Ozon - French movie

Trophy wife is the name under which the non French world will call this movie. Literally, Potiche does not mean that exactly. But after watching the movie, I think that could be an ideal name.

When a husband, who runs an Umbrella company, is taken hostage by the striking workers, the wife, a rich house wife who have never cared about anything other than taking care of the husband, children and house chores, has to step in and take up the challenge. 

This should have been a great satire. But from the very first scene, we know that there is something wrong here. The story is really good. A great one which can show women in a good and strong taste. And this ends up as the best part of the movie. The character of the wife, inspite of all the draw backs, is really excellent. It definitely shows how women can bring in a different view point and handle difficult situations with flair and ease. This character does grow strong towards the end, making to look her daughter a narrow one.

However, there are many things in this movie which make it look it should have happened a decade ago. Definitely the story is from the 70's, but as we watch the movie, we definitely feel it must have happened some years before. Or how do I say that, may be it lacks contemporary cinematic quality. It is sold as a huge comedy, but there are not many great laughs even. It is still a very good watch.

The show stopper is Catherine Deneuve, who looks absolutely beautiful charming and gracious. And Gerard Depardieu is always Depardieu, doesnt really have much to do considering his talents.

May be I could change my opinion if I watch this again. May be it was because I expected too much looking at the cast and reading the synopsis. I can still watch it for Mrs. Deneuve though. 

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