Monday, 12 September 2011

Nueve Reinas - Nine Queens

2000 by Fabian Bielinsky - Spanish movie from Argentina

Some years back I was watching this Bollywood movie, I cant remember the name at all, and was thinking, why are they destroying such a good plot. It was typical of Bollywood. While watching this Argentine movie yesterday, I didn't realise at all for long that I was watching the original of that Bollywood. A particular scene, towards the middle and I knew, yes this is it, this is the original of that Bollywood movie. I have been thinking since then to make out the name of this Bollywood movie. But sorry.

Juan and Marcos, two con artists, decide to partner for a day. They are offered a once in a life time opportunity to cheat a prominent stamp collector, by offering fake replica of the famous 'Nine Queens' and make millions out of it. 

For me, this is a classic, a classic about a con artist. It is never over board, even if it has action, suspense, thrills, fun and everything that we expect of a good thriller. But it is quite subtle. Brilliant movie. A subtle thriller, for sure.

It is not often that I feel so impressed and appreciative of a classic. So let me not do any disservice by making stupid comments of mine.

I will recommend this one to anybody. Even if you do not like movies which will not fall into the normal aspects of entertainer, watch it please. You will like it.

Salute to the director, actors and the whole team.

This movie was remade in Hollywood and the Bollywood movie, I saw, must have been inspired from it, hopefully. 

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