Wednesday, 24 August 2011


2011 by Jaume Collet- Serra - English from Hollywood

I am definitely not a fan of Hollywood. Yet, sometimes I end up picking up the same kind of movies, which I believe is routine Hollywood.

Mr. Harris and wife arrives in Berlin for a conference and upon arrival at the hotel, Harris has to go back to the airport to find his missing bag and ends up with an accident. When he wakes up at the hospital, after a few days, he does not remember everything. Somebody else is acting as Harris. 

This is routine Hollywood, with typical turns and cliches through out.

It is thrilling in parts but by the end of the movie, we just realise that this is nothing special, just the same things repeated, old spy, fake passports, killer men, some GREAT invention which is good/bad for the world, a prince (Muslim of course), car chase, comments against communists, explosion, some innocent dead bodies, an angel to help and a perfect fine end that it looks really ordinary, especially towards the latter half.

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