Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Seconds Apart

2011 by Antonio Negret - British movie

I am not really fond of science fiction or those horror movies which mix ridiculous science aided thoughts onto it. But somebody guided me to this one as a must watch. Well its different, or as British would say, Interesting.

Some prominent Football players of the University have used a gun to kill themselves, while at a party. The detective is dragged towards the presence of twin brothers, Seth and Jonah who looks special.

The beginning of this movie, the scene where the players kills themselves, was brilliant. In fact the basic idea behind the plot, twins with some special powers, who can induce their thoughts onto somebody else's mind telephathically is brilliant too, as a novel idea. And the structure of the movie, how everything happens and how things turn out are all nice as well. But , but, it still didnt make me think oh this is very good or excellent or something like that.

Together with other things, I was not especially impressed by how a drift was created in the twins using a girl in between. And even before, the moment the twins appear, they do not look normal at all. There is something too straight or manipulative with them and even with their parents. So the suspense created is not really that good.

Yes, it is a different kind of thought for a movie and it has its moments. But overall, it ended as pretty average for me.

The best thing about this movie was its cinematography, which was really brilliant. And then the performances, especially of the twins were really good. . To find real life twins for this role and getting such a performance out of them, definitely has to be appreciated. 

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