Monday, 1 August 2011

Ala Modalaindi - Angine Thudangi

2011 by Nandini Reddy - Telugu, dubbed in Malayalam

The number of Telugu movies dubbed and released in Kerala seems to be increasing with every passing year. First it was just some Allu Arjun movies, then some pure action and college romance flicks came in and now it looks like almost all big producer has an eye on the Kerala market. On the very first day of its release itself, I was told by some friends near to the theatre that, not that good, dont watch etc.. But I couldnt resist myself from one poster which showed Nithya Menon with a big smile and I promptly ended up at Shenoys.

A girl and boy meets and become good friends. Before they fall for each other, there is a turn every time keeping them away and the number of such turns keep coming like in a bumpy road ride. 

A typical romantic comedy from Telugu movies. The meeting of the girl and boy and the umpteen number of turns are quite normal and different too, but finally the end product is the same. Typical of such movies, there are moments when the viewers are taken for granted and when we too look down at the movie makers. But..

There are some really funny moments in this movie and the time was worth for those moments. It is more like a silly ride, clumsy at times, with some young lovers, with some really good comic moments in between. An Ok entertainer. With a better script and if the director was more serious, it could have ended up as a better entertainer, though.

Nithya doesn't have much to act, but her charm is quite there, really gorgeous and quite tempting. The hero, Nani, looks like a next door boy, and was quite natural with his performance in many scenes. He was the real surprise of the movie.

In between there was a good message too, aimed at the youngsters. The heroine tells her father, who is looking disappointed after a fight with his wife, why he doesn't go for a divorce? And the father replies - when you face a problem, my child, what do you do? go away from the problem, escaping the problem or face the problem and live with it? he very briefly explains it and somebody in the audience even gave an applause there, which was quite befitting the way this scene was told. The best moment in the movie for me, by a debutant lady director. 

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