Monday, 4 July 2011


2011 by Sibi Malayil

Till a decade before, the name Sibi Malayil used to give a minimum guarantee to Keralans that there should be something good. And two decades back, his name was enough to have an assurance that the movie would be excellent. Anybody who has watched his Thaniyaavarthanam, would not think twice to watch another movie of his. Like all other veteran directors of Malayalam cinema, he too is swimming in the lower tides of his career.

A girl and boy, with lots of problems behind them, meets and have problems and then fall in love. And there is a villain. 

Its the same old wine, in the old bottle, just with a new label sticked on. But even the wine isnt tasty, as if it was made from grapes collected from various wine yards. Violin ends up by and large a very ordinary of the ordinary movie. The same things that we have seen so many times, but with different actors.

Looking back, Sibi Malayil did well only when he had a good script. That is quite evident now. A director should be able to bring out something even from a poor script, just like Bala did with his Avan Ivan. That movie didnt had a good plot or script, but scene by scene, it was good. In fact many scenes would remain etched in the memory even many days after the show. That clearly proves Bala, is a great director. Even with that poor script, Bala managed to get brilliant performances out from his actors. Compare this with Sibi Malayil and he has really failed. There are only few scenes, very few, where he does good as a director. To repeatedly make his actors perform poorly, scene after scene, speaks very lowly about Sibi Malayil.

I am really falling for Nithya Menon. She is looking more and more gorgeous in each movie. But really wish, she hadnt done this movie at all. She will want to forget this movie very soon. Further evidence that the performance of an actor is at the hands of the director. There may not be anybody associated with this movie, who would want to project this movie at any point of their character, except the guy who played as a friend of the hero. He was excellent. 

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