Monday, 11 July 2011


2011 by Hari

Typical Popular entertainment stuff from Tamil industry.

Boy and girl, their friends
Father of boy and mother of girl
Father's friend turning into villain
Songs, fights, parallel tracks of comedy

I dont think this director has made even a single movie which was a great entertainer. The one that came close was Saami which was a good entertainer then. Singham, which was a big hit recently, was good in parts only. Actually I am surprised that now Bollywood is remaking that movie.

Dhanush decides to go for the popular stuff again. Actually I understand why all actors, its only few months back Dhanush gave Aadukalam a master piece actually, goes for some stupid entertainers. The Shenoys theatre was full and it was mostly Tamil people who do hard labour in Kochi city. They were enjoying the movie to the hilt, I must say. Songs, fun, fights it had everything they wanted and it is important for a movie star to please these fans too.

However, I thought Dhanush was a mis-cast for this movie. Here  is a real super hero, with both the brains and the power and had it been done by Ajith, Vijay or Surya, this movie would have been more impressive, may be.

It is still an ok entertainer, with some thrilling moments. One of the songs were also good.

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