Thursday, 7 July 2011

Trois Couleurs: Rouge - Three Colours: Red

1994 by Krzysztof Keislowsky

The last movie in the Trois Couleurs trilogy, based on Red, the colour depicting Fraternity on French tri colour. And the last movie of Keislowsky is a philosophical master piece.

Valentine, a swiss model, saves a dog and thus meets Kern, a retired judge who is actually listening to phone calls of his neighbours. A frienship emanates between these two people who represents two opposite poles in many ways. 

To be very frank, I will have to watch this movie once again to make my comments. The movie is so complex and philosophical that it can confuse us in many ways. Everything is in place actually. Initially, as Kern comes into the movie we feel quite curious about his acts. Let me repeat, a kind of curiosity that we would expect only from real suspense thrillers. But slowly this curiosity dies out without us even noticing it. And the curiosity turns to a kind of confusion, making us think hard, as Kern explains about his past. There is yet another character called Auguste, who is a neighbour of Valentine, but like a mirror image of Kern. Valentine and Kern never meets in the movie. Nor do we see Valentine's possessive boy friend ever, for whom she takes the ferry to England at the end. The Boat capsize and only 7 people are saved. And in the most brilliant part or turn, 6 people happens to be Julie and Olivier from Blue, Karol and Dominique from White and Valentine and Auguste from Red. That was a bloody brilliant idea. At the same time, it confused me further about the order or period of happenings for this movie. The last movie happens to be the beginning of all. ???

One of the thoughts by the judge, about what would be happening with all those people whom he acquitted or found guilty, had he done otherwise, was quite a new kind of thought from any character ever in movies I have seen. Brilliant.

As an ordinary movie goer, I would enjoy White the most. But as somebody who like to watch extra ordinary stories, ideas or presentation et all, I would say Red would be the best, out of the triology. This is a movie you can enjoy only if your brain is present, cent percent. And this movie might grow as I see it more. I am damn sure about this.

I am still on the hang over of Argentina's horrible display, so....

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