Saturday, 9 July 2011


2011 by L Suresh

A debutant director joins a producer, whose previous production was the brilliant and hilarious Kalavani, for a movie with Vimal as the hero, is quite attractive. In fact, Vimal is a different kind of hero in Indian movies. He does have a nice face, but his physique is actually only good enough to play the friend of a typical Indian hero or somebody like a servant in the home or office. But this young man can act and hence he finds place as hero in Tamil movies. He is lucky that he came into the industry at the right time when Tamil industry seems to be the only prominent movie industry (Marathi too I think) which is consistently churning out some off beat movies with the real flavour of Tamil mixed all over. But...

A young man tries all sorts of business in his small town, with borrowed money, and fails always. He has a special talent in talking and convinces people to still loan him. He meets a girl, who is into a forced marriage with a bad guy, plays all sorts of mischief's with her and finally ends up saving her from the bad guy. 

The producer, it seems, wanted to follow some points which were behind the success of Kalavni in this movie too, is quite evident. Still the movie as a whole is different from the run of the mill entertainers, yet ends up as an ordinary movie. A very simple movie, with lots of good fun, not much action scenes, and the love between the boy and girl doesn't happen till the climax, saving us some songs, are some good points. Unfortunately, the movie is inconsistent with its pace, especially in the second half and drags out really.

Vimal looks like a natural choice for this character but I am afraid he would end up as an actor who only plays these kind of talkative young man from the village or small town, not a super man, but one with intelligence. It was nice to see Sanusha playing the young girl.

I don't think anybody will think about this movie by the end of this year, inspite of lots of comic moments.

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