Monday, 13 June 2011

Shankaranum Mohananum

2011 by T V Chandran

There have been so many movies which worked on the life after death and how some souls tried to interact with the living, after their death, some serious, some entertaining, some funny and some awful movies. As a plot for a whole movie, I think Shankaranum Mohananum is a new one in Malayalam, but its awfully flawed movie.

An elder brother, Shankaran dies the day after his marriage, from snake bite. The younger brother, Mohanan starts seeing him.

The script is horrible for many reasons and actually towards the second half of the movie, Mohanan starts seeing not just his brother but most dead souls around him. Even in a funny movie like Ghost Town (2008), it clearly established a simple reason why the protagonist was able to see the dead souls. Here there isnt any and towards the end, more souls are visible, without any reason which makes it even terrible. Forget this particular aspect, but even otherwise this movie doesnt interest us, I am afraid. It is not able to touch us in any ways, even light heartedly. Instead, sometimes we feel laughing out loud at the kind of fancy dress that is presented to us, for reasons what soever.

In spite of that, one aspect which was mentioned was quite interesting, I thought. That, the 9 months after death, when a soul is preparing for its next birth, its difficult to forget the events from the previous birth, this was quite interesting, but even when this is told, we really do not get moved, is definitely a fault of the director.  And the background music, I am afraid, is quite horrible.

The only good aspect, was the cinematography. It is not great, but that is one aspect which made the movie look good, at least, compared to the other movies from TV Chandran, an award winning director. Often his movies lack any kind of technical brilliance, barring one or two mentions like Pondanmaada.

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