Thursday, 2 June 2011

Blood Work

2002 by Clint Eastwood.

I always liked Mr. Eastwood for many reasons and it was Million Dollar Baby, which made me admire this wonderful talent. That was a movie, a real brilliant movie. Blood Work was may be his training ground, before he set out for that master piece.

Terry McCaleb is a retired FBI agent, who has just undergone a heart transplant. He is approached by a woman, Graciella Rivers, to help find her sister's murderer. It was her sisters heart which is ticking on Terry and he owes it to her. And then it is the investigation by this retired agent.

The start of the movie is really good I thought, and it is allright almost till the middle and but then it continues as ordinary. It is full of typical Hollywood cliches is what is most disappointing. I dont know at what age an FBI agent retires. Whatever, Mr. Eastwood is too old, for a relationship with the 30 some Graciella. And there is hardly anything that brings them close too.

Anyways, investigation wise it is excellent till the mid point, but looses its compactness and some silly errors would help most people guess the killer. May be some fast editing on a couple of scenes, for eg. the shot where Terry pins up the cheque for his buddy, would have made it for difficult guessing.

It is not a bad movie, nor is it really good. Just a one time watch.

Admire Mr. Eastwood though, still. 


  1. Rajesh,a request (it has nothing to do with the above given review): Would you write a review on "Dead Poets' Society" on the background of "Life is Beautiful" (Malayalam). "Life is beautiful" is one of the few malayalam films which impressed me a lot until I watched "Dead Poets' Society". Now my feeling is that how poor our film makers are in creativity. They simply copy titles and stories even without acknowledging. After the time of John Abraham, Adoor and a few others like them our films are simply industiral products for sale in market. Market value is that which all matters!

  2. Dear Father, Thank you.
    I doubt, I have seen it long back. But I will look for it.

    You mean, Life is Beautiful by Fazil right? Yes, I liked it too.

    And I never thought I was reviewing movies. I only just wanted to make some comments on the ones I saw.