Friday, 6 May 2011

Le Gendarme de St. Tropez

1964 by Jean Girault

Cruchot, an ambitious and strict police officer is promoted and transferred to St. Tropez. He arrives there with his young daughter and straight away sets on to his duty. He even masterminds an operation to arrest a group of nudists who had been a head ache for long time. When his daughter falls into an unintentional case of a stolen Mustang, Cruchot has to set it right, if not his career would be affected. The Mustang was also having a stolen Rembrandt painting. Cruchot comes out successful, also with the help from his daughter and her friends.

This movie in fact managed 4 sequels, shows how successful it was then. One of the famous hits from the maestro Louis de Funes, however for me this was not as exciting as typical Louise de Funes' movies.

When we compare with other Funes movies, this is only ordinary. But, only when we compare with the other classics of Funes. While we watch this one, we can see that time has took its toll on this movie and its comic settings. This is still a good watch. And this movie only reiterates my approval of this amazing actor. All the other movies from this guy were real classic comedies which has with stood the passing decades of time, which is no mean feat.

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