Monday, 23 May 2011

Capitalism A Love Story

2009 by Michael Moore

Yet another wonderful documentary from Mr. Moore.

This time he takes on Capitalism - the system that is the heart of America, by its own horns. He starts off from the deregulation prompted by the reign of Ronald Regan to that of Obama, how it has all benefitted only the rich. It has funny moments, sad moments, shocking moments and even moments of hope.

I really wonder how Americans, especially the ones who normally simply swallow all their media propaganda, found this docu. The most unexpected info for me was the comments by some priests against Capitalism. That was a surprise. I was shocked about the companies insurance scheme for the employees, benefiting themselves and the judge who sentenced every child to a private shelter home and to be frank almost everything actually.

And how peaceful life is Mr. Moore having, in America? I really would like to know that.

Whatever, this man is brilliant and he deserves an universal award. 

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