Friday, 29 April 2011

Mimì metallurgico ferito nell'onore - Mimi the metal worker wounded in honor

1972 by Lina Wertmuller

Mimi lose his job, when he votes for a communist representative, instead of the Mafia rep. He leaves his family and goes to Turin. He was not very fond of his wife as she is unresponsive or not passionate about sex. He becomes a metal worker and also meets Fiore, who doesnt mind him being married, but wants him to be faithful to her and doesnt want him to even sleep with his wife. They have a baby and soon he is transferred back to his home region, the south of Italy. He still doesnt make any love with his wife, for the fear of losing Fiore. But one day comes to know that Rosalla, his wife is pregnant from a police man, married with 5 children. He wants to revenge and pretends to love and seduce the wife of the police man and seduce her to bed. ...

The most horrible thing to happen, did happen to me. The dvd got stuck. It wont play anymore, not in my player, nor in my lap top or anywhere. I have searched a lot for finishing it, but no use. It was very cruel that I didnt see may be the last 15 or 20 minutes of this movie. What a pity.

It started out more like a political movie, but it was turning out to be a great comedy. A beautiful way of looking at the hypocrasy of men, who feel it ok to cheat, but find it a crime, when their wife do it. The way Mimi seduced the police man's wife - a really fat middle aged woman - un attractive in all ways - was very funny and his first love making with her simply hilarious.

Beautiful acting and beautiful photography. Above all a wonderfully directed movie.

I long to watch those final 15 minutes. 

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