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2011 by K V Anand

Ashwin is a young and daring photographer for a leading news paper. He doesn't mind taking extreme risks for a relevant cause or to even help out a colleague. The two leading political parties are fighting it out for the upcoming Assembly elections in Tamil Nadu. A new group of educated young professionals, lead by Vasanthan, who wish to see some change in the system also are contesting the elections. Ashwin and his colleagues helps to promote these youngsters, impressed by their sincerity, through their news paper. As the youngsters gather public support, there are many hurdles thrown on their path, possibly by the leading parties, which climaxes in a bomb explosion under the stage during their election campaign. Many of the young leaders are dead and Ashwin also lose one of his colleagues in the explosion. However, this off course pave the way to the victory of the young group. Vasanthan is the new chief minister.  Ashwin who was shocked by the lose of his colleague is still probing the incident and that leads into an interesting climax.

If not for some logical issues in the story, especially during the latter half, this would have been a perfect entertainer. It is still a good entertainer, provided we would ignore some of the questions that may arise towards the end of the second half.

The movie looks at politicians and their campaigns with some sarcasm, which is very good. Some of the ugly works by politicians, especially during the election campaign, is shown nicely. Offering money to voters, which is a common part of many Indian elections, is shown in a very practically possible way. It goes into detail about some struggles of news reporters and also takes a dig at some reporters who always have stupid questions, irrespective of the occasion. Then there is an interesting love triangle between Ashwin and his two lady reporters which draws some simple humour in the first half. The campaign of the young group is quite nice too, though similar things have occured more than a few times in the recent past. But the script and the director manages to keep it interesting.

I thought the script went ordinary, when it tries to bring out Ashwin as a super photo reporter, in the second half. Plus the many logical issues running into the climax also takes some credit out of the movie. But still, if we can over see that, we will still enjoy the climax. I also thought, trying to find unnecessary twists, like the history of Ashwin and Vasanthan, also took away some attraction of the movie. Even without this history behind, the tension between the two characters in the end would have remained in tact. More than anything, some time could have been gained and the movie would have been sleek.

Jeeva as Ashwin is charming and very good. However, it is Ajmal as Vasanthan who has done an excellent job. Here is a different character, with some out of the ordinary kind of scenes, and he has been very successful. After Anjathe and Thiru Thiru Thuru Thuru, Ajmal again proves he holds a lot of promise. Piya Baajpai, as the bubbly Saro was also very good. A very very special mention to Prakash Raj as the chief minister. This man is definitely one of the best actors India have ever seen. Even in such a cameo role, he is brilliant. What an actor.

Music by Harris Jayaraj, was excellent. Almost all the songs are really good and are wonderfully picturised. Just that, at least one or two could have been avoided. Especially the one song which falls not much later after the bomb explosion, is a must cut as it broke the whole pace of the movie. But once again the songs are so beautifully picturised.

Ko is a good entertainer for any one wanting some good time in the theatre, and I am sure it is going to be a hit. 

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