Monday, 25 April 2011

Furyo Anego Den: Inochika Ocho - Female boss - Ocho Inochika

1973 by Norifumi Suzuki

Ocho witnesses her father getting killed, as a very young girl. The only way to recognise the killers are three cards similar to the tattoos on the back of the three killers. Ocho grows up as a skilled gambler, pick pocketer and swords woman. As per her promise to a dying gambler to save his sister from a brothel, she arrives into the region where the 3 killers reign in. Therein its all about her revenge.

Watching this movie, I was thinking how this movie was similar to many so called revenge movies of Hindi, Tamill and Malayalam in the early 80's. Japaneese movies were infamous for their so called Pinky violence of the 70's. This one is a master piece of that genre. Lots of nudity and fights. Thats it. May be the film has past its time, but for me it was not a good watch.

I will still have to talk about the high light of this film, Ocho walks out of her bath tub, completely nude, and fights a group of killers. This scene was incredible. I have never seen anything like that. Its not about just the central fighter being nude, its about the overall picturisation and the final impression this scene creates on us.  The camera doesnt shy away from the nude woman initially but towards the end of the fight it just follows only her legs and it was excellent how the fight ends. Also about the actress Reiko Ike. Salutes to her. That was a terrific effort. She is so bold to have done that nude fight. I cannot imagine how she managed it, being nude amongst so many men, all well dressed.

This movie is popular as Sex and Fury in the west. 

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