Friday, 25 March 2011

August 15

2011 by Shaji Kailas

The Chief Minister of Kerala had a heart attack and is slowly getting back to normalcy. A pathologist in the hospital finds that the heart attack was not normal, but it was caused by some foreign body - a poison. The news shocks the Police and decides to ask a reputed senior officer, Perumal to investigate. Perumal wants this to be a top secret only known to few top police officers. Perumal starts his investigation and feels that the killer is still around and there is real threat to the life of CM. The killer, an international professional, is paid for by few friends who leads different Mafia's of the state, who are having a real bad time because of the interference caused by the hard core Communist CM. They would not mind even any other Communusit, but not this CM. Since the first attempt is a failure, the killer is ready to give back his advance and leave but the Mafia wants him to continue and he makes new plans. Perumal continues his investigation and how he finally saves the CM from the second attempt completes this movie.

This supposed to be Thriller, the second part of August 1, there is a script which lacks any intensity or cohesion, but have more than enough loop holes, is very badly directed by the Political thriller specialist Shaji Kailas. If only the serious scenes were kept and the rest ignored, the movie would have been more better with a duration of only around 60 or 70 minutes. Some of the scenes are absolutely lacking any common sense or logic, not to mention some of the characters.
I simply dont understand why there is always, in Malayalam movies, some absolutely stupid and comic figure amongst a Superior Police officer. The scenes of confidential meetings by investigation officers done in the presence of Doctors are a real shame. And even the group of villains, who can even plan to commit to a professional killer to assassinate a chief minister, can they consist of such foolish and loose talking guys. Would any such villains offer huge sum to a killer, even without knowing his name at least. And will there be any professional killer who will go back and give his advance money, just because the first attempt failed between the cup and the lips. There will be many more questions, while we watch the movie. Finally, it was quite unnecessary to take the scene from 'Inglorious Bastards'.

On the plus side, there isnt any heroine, so there is no love angle anywhere and luckily no songs too. Also only one fight scene. Mammootty, as Perumal, keeps his charm but his character who seem to keep his sun glasses for all the scenes, is quite strange for a Keralan officer. Mammootty seems to have changed his walking style a little bit, but overall he doesnt have anything great to do. He is quite glamorous, even at above 55 years, but his lower body is getting weak and that shows. Whatever, his charm is there and his is a great presence.

Only Nedumudi Venu as the CM and SaiKumar as the Communist party secretary, has something to act and they have been very good.

The makers of this movie definitely wanted to give a different kind of thriller, but falls far short of it.

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