Thursday, 17 February 2011

Love and Other Drugs

2010 by Edward Zwick

Jamie is an incredibly smart sales man working at an electronic shop and is excellent in handling woman. When he lose this job, he starts working for a Pharma company, selling drugs. Now he meets Maggie in a hospital, who has been diagnosed with stage 1 Parkinson's disease at her young age. Maggie is a free spirit and doesnt want to enter into any kind of relationship and is interested only in sex. Jamie is getting lucky with his new job and have started selling Viagra. The movie is all about how they are in love and in spite of hesitations, finally end up in a relationship.

A typical hollywod romantic comedy, except that the heroine is having Parkinson's disease at a young age. There are some funny moments, especially in the first half. But as always, its all very predictable and the script or director hasnt done anything to make us feel that this movie is above the ordinary. Most importantly, in the climax when Jamie explains why he needs her, its pretty ordinary. Theres nothing moving even if the heroine seems to be affected.

The difference is about the charm of Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal. Not exceptional performances, but the charm is there, in fact there is nothing special in the script for them to make exceptional performances.

And let me confess, I was surprised and happy to see Anne Hathaway nude, never before.

Also, there was a very beautiful song, starting , I lived in a place called ...

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  1. I just saw your blog...Well I too saw this movie. The only reason being the Duo lead. Well I must say Anne Hathaway is really charming and thats the best reason to watch this movie.