Friday, 25 February 2011

The King's Speech

2010 by Tom Hooper

George was not supposed to be the King, in fact he was considered incompetent for the job as he has a serious problem - stammering. He is unfit to address any gathering, let alone the more far reaching addresses over Radio. But circumstances change and he has to be the king. His, and his wife's, efforts to break through out of the stammer issues and how he finds a non conventional speech therapist, work with him, and finally make an all important address to the Nation over radio forms this film.

Last year, it was 'The Young Victoria' and this year it is The King's Speech. If Young Victoria was about all the drama behind her ascension to the throne and the turbulent days during the first few years of her rule, The King's Speech too has the drama behind the ascension to the throne by George VI, and something more. His disinterest for the throne, his pain, anger and embarrassment being a stammer all is so well taken.

A truly brilliant performance by Colin Firth is the highlight of this movie, I believe it is a British movie. I love Queen's English, as its so pleasing to listen to, quite clear to understand as well (even without subtitles), so whenever I am told there is a movie about Royal British life, I am eager to watch. Not sure, if I was so satisfied after watching this one though.  

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